The Burlington Writers Workshop is a free writing workshop for all Vermonters.

Our Mission

The Burlington Writers Workshop’s mission is to provide writers with free learning opportunities that help them develop as artists and professional writers.  We provide as many as five workshops each week in Burlington, Vermont. We also host occasional panel discussions, readings, and schmoozing opportunities with experienced, professional writers. To ensure access for all, everything we do is free of charge.

Our mission is also to promote the work of our members. To be a member, all you have to do is participate in one workshop. It’s a simple give-to-get system. You must provide feedback to your fellow writer before you can expect any promotion or feedback.

Our Activities

  • Workshops: The BWW holds at least four workshops each week. At each meeting, participants provide two writers with honest, thoughtful feedback, which is delivered verbally and in writing. These workshops are often open to any genre of creative writing, but occasionally the focus turns to specific genres, such as short fiction, creative nonfiction, book-length narratives, poetry, play writing, song writing, horror fiction, flash fiction, and digital storytelling.
  • Mini-Conferences: The BWW occasionally holds panel discussions on themes relevant to the writing and publishing industry. For example, the BWW held a panel discussion on the publishing industry in November 2013 that featured two authors, an agent/publisher, and a professional editor. In February 2013, the BWW will host a day at which authors can take free classes on developing one’s own author website.
  • Publishing Opportunities:  The BWW publishes an annual anthology called The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop. This self-published book features work that is written, selected, and edited by Vermont writers. Any Vermonter who has provided feedback to other writers at a workshop is eligible to participate in the production of this book. The production process itself offers Vermonters a chance to publish work, select and edit pieces of writing, design a book cover and the inside pages, and learn about and execute marketing strategies.
  • Volunteerism: BWW writers are encouraged to volunteer for the Burlington Book Festival, which happens every September in Burlington. BWW members also serve as mentors for Vermont students participating in the Young Writers Project by providing honest, thoughtful, respectful feedback to the students through the Young Writers Project. You may also volunteer for the BWW.
  • Public Readings: The BWW hosts several public readings every year. In 2013, the BWW held five readings, all of which were free and open to the public. We will likely host twice as many in 2014.

Our Space

Our workshop space is open five days a week. We’re located at Studio 266 at 266 Champlain Street in Burlington, VT. Come visit us. 

Our History

Founded on Meetup.com in 2009, the Burlington Writers “Group” evolved into an MFA-style creative writing workshop. Now in its fifth year, the BWW boasts more than 500 members. Nearly half of those are active at any given time. Organizer Peter Biello can be reached here.

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