On The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014: “It’s the sort of tale that in the wrong hands can easily turn maudlin, but [Hillary] Read makes it alternately transcendent and quietly devastating. We want to reach out our hands to this woman. Readers may put down the story with a resolution to notice members of their community who too easily slip out of sight. And it’s that spirit of empathy, pervading many of these works, that lightens the “darkness” of their visions.”Margot Harrison, Seven Days

On the launch party for The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014: “With the launch party for the second annual “Best of Burlington Workshop” anthology, the Burlington Writers Workshop served up a serious appreciation of literature — while not taking themselves too seriously.  More than 100 local writers gathered Friday night at Burlington City Arts in a light-hearted, fun-filled celebration of writing and a love of words to honor the group’s publication…” – Annalisa Parent, Thread Magazine

On the BWW’s new space and the partnership with Hotel Vermont: “The Burlington Writers Workshop is welcoming new beginnings this year. Not only has the group relocated, but it has also gained a new partnership. The Queen City workshop is still inspiring budding writers, but this time it’s moving out of its park meeting grounds and relocating to Studio 266 on S. Champlain Street. Along with that new location, the workshop is also gaining a new partner. Hotel Vermont is now on board to help expose tourists to these local wordsmith to tourists.” – WCAX

“This is not one of those writers’ workshops where eliciting critique is like pulling teeth. The participants aren’t harsh — Peter Biello, who organizes the BWW and is leading this session, sees to that. But the comments are precise, articulate and opinionated. And this is only a small sampling of the BWW, a growing group that has gained local visibility in recent months with an anthology and public readings.” – Margot Harrison, Seven Days

Burlington Free Press logo“I stumbled across it and I’m so glad I went,” [Caitlin Corless] said. “I think it’s been so wonderful for me. Just being around other writers is very inspiring, it’s just great being around creative energy.” – Sally Pollak, The Burlington Free Press

WCAX Station Logo horizontal“Finding a group of people who share your same interest is a great way to find a sense of belonging in a new city, and that is exactly what our guest this morning did when he arrived in Burlington four years ago.” – Molly Smith, WCAX-TV

Thread_Magazine_logo“We’re serious writers, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” says Biello. “We can laugh, make jokes, and have a glass of wine or a pint as we discuss anything.’” – Liz Cantrell, Thread Magazine

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