The Burlington Writers Workshop will make announcements for you. If you’re a member, we’ll tell other members about your publications, events, fundraising campaigns, or relay other messages you may have.

However, you’ve got to meet the following criteria:

1. You must have attended one Burlington Writers Workshop meeting within the past month. When you provide feedback to your fellow writers, you can expect the BWW to make an announcement for you.

2.   If you’re promoting an event, it must not conflict with a Burlington Writers Workshop meeting or event. If two eligible members have requested promotion for two different events happening concurrently, they will both be promoted. You can check our schedule of workshops to see if there’s already an event planned for a specific day.

3.   If you’re running a fundraising campaign, we’ll announce it if the BWW is not currently involved in a fundraising campaign. If the BWW is not currently fundraising, we’ll promote your campaign once.

4.   If you’ve got a publication, we’ll brag about it! If you publish, we’re happy to promote it once, when it’s ready for public consumption. Hyperlinks help.

5.   We do not promote other writing workshops or editorial services. Sorry. Coke does not advertise Pepsi products, so why would we advertise other workshops? 

Think you meet the criteria? Contact us.

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