We’ve got several opportunities to submit work. Take a look at the options below and decide which will work best for you.

1. For review at a workshop. Take a look at this schedule and find out how to submit work for a review.

2. For publication in Hotel Vermont’s rooms. Hotel Vermont publishes a small collection of work by members of the Burlington Writers Workshop every three months. It features one short story, one essay, and two to four poems. Your work will be in all of Hotel Vermont’s 125 rooms every day/night for three months. Guests are encouraged to take this book with them when they check out. This is a chance for your work to reach thousands of people (11,250 people, to be exact, assuming all rooms are occupied by at least one person per room every night for those three months).

The deadline to be included in the next Hotel Vermont collection is Monday, March 31, 2014. No subject or length requirements, though keep in mind that we’re asking for short stories, not novels or novellas. (Yes that line can be blurry. If you’re not sure, send it anyway.) Learn more about the partnership here and submit work by email to:

3. For inclusion in The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop series. We are no longer accepting work for consideration in the 2014 edition. Stay tuned for our call for submissions for the 2015 edition.

4 Responses to Submit

  1. Ann Pigeon says:

    Can you submit a children’s book?

  2. nanhinchliff says:

    Can you submit pages of a first draft? If so, up to how many pages or words?

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