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BWW Member Fiction Published in Seven Days

Burlington Writers Workshop member Michael Freed-Thall’s piece, “Fort Stockton Blues,” appears in Seven Days this week. Many workshop members will remember earlier versions of this story, in which the main characters were male. Michael worked hard to get this story … Continue reading

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The BWW on Vermont Public Radio

Last week, VPR’s All Things Considered host Neal Charnoff stopped me as I was finishing up some work in one of VPR’s recording studios. “VPR is probably the only news organization that hasn’t covered the Burlington Writers Workshop,” he said, … Continue reading

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Publishing Your Work: Debrief and Podcast

Last Saturday’s panel discussion on publishing was a huge success. Authors Jon Clinch and Jan Elizabeth Watson, agent and publisher Dede Cummings, and editor Jessica Swift Eldridge gave fantastic advice to writers. “I’ve attended others like this through my MFA … Continue reading

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Naming the Disease: A Conversation with Jim Gamble

Let’s say you’re a fiction writer and your protagonist has a disease. How do you make sure your character is more than just a collection of symptoms? That’s the problem BWW writer Jim Gamble encountered as he wrote “Good Boy,” … Continue reading

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More Guidelines for Good Workshop Discussions

A few months ago, I posted six guidelines for workshop discussions. Folks suggested more, which I think are worth mentioning here. 7.   Assume the writer meant every word. Writers are expected to make a piece as good as it can … Continue reading

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How to Become a Young Writers Project Mentor

Some of you have asked for more information about how to be a mentor for kids and young adults involved with the Young Writers Project. Here’s a quick Q&A. What does being a mentor involve? All you have to do … Continue reading

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We Have A Font!

The people have spoken, and the choice is clear: you want Janson. With 14 votes, Janson beat Linux Libertine (12 votes) and High Tower (8 votes). Janson has a nice literary look to it. It’s more elegant than Times New … Continue reading

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Erika Nichols on Poetry, Prose, and Editing the Anthology

Erika Nichols of Burlington has written and studied poetry for many years. Whenever a poem comes up for discussion in our workshops, she has something intelligent and helpful to say about it. She’s also attended more meetings than any other … Continue reading

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Open Letter Books Take Risks, Deliver Huge Rewards

Open Letter Books is publishing some of the best novels I’ve read in years. While at AWP in Boston in March, I stopped by the Open Letter table, stunned by the most superficial of things: the covers of their books. … Continue reading

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The BWW Book-Length Narrative Workshop

We’ve come up with a way to workshop a whole book. If you have a novel or memoir and need someone to read the whole thing, you’re going to love this. Here are the details in Q&A form. What are … Continue reading

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