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“The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014” Book Trailer

Want to learn more about our second annual anthology? Here’s the book trailer for The Best of The Burlington Writer’s Workshop 2014, featuring Jim Gamble, Cynthia Close, Michelle Watters, Paul Hobday, Martin Bock, Jernigan Pontiac, and Amanda Vella.

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BWW Offerings for March

March will be an exciting month for the BWW. We’ve got a ton of workshops scheduled, plus a few special events. Here are a few highlights. Songwriters will be happy to learn that we’ve got a songwriting workshop coming up … Continue reading

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BWW Writing Center Wish List

On Saturday, January 4th, we’re meeting at the new BWW Writing Center to turn an empty space into a comfortable, welcoming place for Vermont writers. Some kind folks have already promised us things, but there are still some things we … Continue reading

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The BWW on Vermont Public Radio

Last week, VPR’s All Things Considered host Neal Charnoff stopped me as I was finishing up some work in one of VPR’s recording studios. “VPR is probably the only news organization that hasn’t covered the Burlington Writers Workshop,” he said, … Continue reading

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Naming the Disease: A Conversation with Jim Gamble

Let’s say you’re a fiction writer and your protagonist has a disease. How do you make sure your character is more than just a collection of symptoms? That’s the problem BWW writer Jim Gamble encountered as he wrote “Good Boy,” … Continue reading

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More Guidelines for Good Workshop Discussions

A few months ago, I posted six guidelines for workshop discussions. Folks suggested more, which I think are worth mentioning here. 7.   Assume the writer meant every word. Writers are expected to make a piece as good as it can … Continue reading

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Publishing Your Work: How, When, Why?

How do you know when your work is ready for publication? And, if it’s ready, how do you go about publishing it? When is the right time for you? And perhaps most importantly, with a continually shrinking pool of potential … Continue reading

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Five Podcasts For Writers

We’re all busy people. It’s sometimes hard to squeeze discussions of writing into our daily lives. One way to do this is to listen to a podcast. There are many out there, but I wanted to share a list of … Continue reading

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Erika Nichols on Poetry, Prose, and Editing the Anthology

Erika Nichols of Burlington has written and studied poetry for many years. Whenever a poem comes up for discussion in our workshops, she has something intelligent and helpful to say about it. She’s also attended more meetings than any other … Continue reading

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BWW in the Burlington Free Press

Sally Pollak of the Burlington Free Press published a feature piece about the Burlington Writers Workshop in today’s BFP. Thanks to everyone who helped Sally write this article. I appreciate your kind comments. If the response to this article is … Continue reading

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