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Announcing New Digital Storytelling Workshops

Digital storytelling is becoming a thing. Did you know that? I didn’t. Then StoryhackVT came to town and showed me what an amazing thing it is. It’s hard to describe but easy to recognize, and certainly worth exploring, especially since … Continue reading

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Patch-22: A StoryhackVT Digital Tale

Please vote for the Burlington Writers Workshop at storyhackvt.com before midnight on October 20, 2013. Chapter 1: In which one pumpkin’s search for her son begins. Chapters 2-4: In which Jackie O’Lantern visits Buddy Nutsquash, the Miracle Gro Den, and … Continue reading

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We Have A Font!

The people have spoken, and the choice is clear: you want Janson. With 14 votes, Janson beat Linux Libertine (12 votes) and High Tower (8 votes). Janson has a nice literary look to it. It’s more elegant than Times New … Continue reading

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Richard Russo On That Last Two Percent

Novelist Richard Russo recently spoke at Vermont College of Fine Arts. In his hour-long conversation with VCFA President and novelist Thomas Greene, he spoke about the value of formal education for writers. In describing his MFA experience, Russo said, “What … Continue reading

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Chekhov’s Six Short Story Principles

I’ve been working on short stories lately, and every time I sit down to revise one, I’m reminded of how difficult they are. In my MFA workshops, my short stories were shot so full of holes that revising them seemed … Continue reading

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